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Who’s The Ultimate Nine Inch Nails Fan Boy?

Monday, September 27th, 2010

A few weeks ago, we started a simple contest to see who the biggest Nine Inch Nails fan boy/girl was to determine who deserves a NIN poster signed by Trent Reznor himself.


We’d like to know who you think should win this prized little piece of memorabilia. Here are the entries.

Who do you think should win? Leave a comment here or post it on your Twitter or Facebook. Just make sure to tag us – Twitter and Facebook.

New Videos up on Splintr!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The family of the hottest artists in the country keeps growing and growing as more and more ear-blowing music gets produced.

First off, we’ve got two new videos from Swissy: Your Life’s in Rewind and How It All Started. Click on the pictures to see the videos!

Christina del Mundo, who goes by her childhood nickname, Swissy, grew up in a household that welcomed a diverse set of musical tastes, allowing her to appreciate different sounds and genres of music, from 60s rock to R&B to Dance and Theatre.



We also have this really cool new video from Nyco Maca + Playground. Check out Turn My Head.

Nyko Maca + Playground is known in the Filipino music underground scene for their fusion of Filipino pop and Brazilian rhythms. In the band’s own words, “…it has always been natural for NykĂł and PLAYgROUND to think holistically, play intuitively, and sound cyclical.” The band is composed of Madz Abubakar, Rick Sanchez and Alvin Cornista.


Lastly, we have another video from the most kick-ass Archipelago. We added Black Box to their already impressive library of great music.

We wanted a name that would speak of who we are, where we’re from, what we’re about and why you should listen. Each of us, simultaneously common and diverse, have our own stories—like islands have their own histories—which form our music. As we are part of the great story of the world, our music belongs to the world; one that is at a distance, an Archipelago


Click on the images to go straight to the videos, kids. And then follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest on news!

Nine Inch Nails Posters

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Remember, Nine Inch Nails fans, NIN is still our Artist of the Month. We still have the videos, exclusively on!

Here’s what’s in store for you.


First up, you’ve got the documentary of their concert from arrival to the actual show. It includes a very in-depth interview with the man, Trent Reznor himself. It’s an interesting piece of video.

Of course, we’ve got videos of their greatest songs.



I’m Afraid of Americans

I'm Afraid of Americans

March of the Pigs

March of the Pigs





Click any of the pictures to go straight into and watch the Nine Inch Nails concert here in Manila. Remember that they’re up for a limited time only so make sure to watch the videos while you can.

Handsome Furs!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Yesterday, Handsome Furs brought the house down over at Route 196. They were accompanied by Gaijin and Arigato Hato. Those who came didn’t leave disappointed.

Thing about music is that it’s always interesting to listen to new stuff. A true music fan doesn’t bind himself to a certain set of bands or a genre. And because of that, we’d like to introduce you to Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry, members of a synth punk indie rock band, Handsome Furs.

They signed with Sub Pop Records some 4 years ago and they’ve released a couple of albums to date – Plague Park and Face Control. They’ve released three singles so far. Here, check them out.

Another cool thing about this band is that they’re hosting this show called Indie Asia, documenting their travels through China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asian countries. The show is being produced by We’re looking forward to more great stuff from them. We’ll keep you posted!

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Nine Inch Nails Videos!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Exactly a year ago, brought the biggest name in industrial rock ever to hit international audiences to our shores. Nine Inch Nails brought the house down as they rocked the thousands in attendance, in what could easily be considered the most anticipated and celebrated concert of 2009.

We would never let such an epic event go unrecorded, of course. And since a bunch of you have been begging for the release of the NIN tour videos, we’re proud to announce that they are going to stream on for a limited time only!

Nine Inch Nails

We’ve got five videos from The Wave Goodbye Tour – Piggy, Reptile, I’m afraid of Americans, Closer and March of the Pigs – and you can play them again and again and again until your ears bleed of Trent Reznor. We also have a very special treat for each and every Nine Inch Nails fan out there in the known world – a behind-the-scenes documentary of their Philippine tour from arrival, pre-concert preparation and an immensely rare Trent Reznor in-depth interview.

Yeah, you read that right. We DO have an interview with the legend, Trent Reznor himself. Like we said, though, the videos are only going to be up for a limited time so make sure you check them out starting August 5, 2010, all the way until October 5, 2010 at

Jump right into the concert, exclusive through!

Awesome Covers

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Not all songs are created equal. Some songs are forgotten even before they hit the record bars. There are some songs that are popular for a little while but eventually fail the test of time. Every now and then, though, there are songs that are so good, they are as good today as the first time they were played. The following songs fall under none of those categories.

We’re listing songs that were good but were made even cooler or just different by another artist. Here’s our list:

SpongeCOla’s Crazy for You

The original is, of course, by Madonna. She performed the song the way Madonna typically would. SpongeCola didn’t get very creative with it and maintained everything from the melody to the lyrics. Is it because the original didn’t need much changing and that doing anything else with it would have been considered blasphemous? Is it so that the crowd can sing along? Whatever. We like this cover.

Megadeth’s These Boots

In 1966, Nancy Sinatra released a song entitled “These Boots are Made for Walking” and it became a number 1 hit in the US and UK charts. The original song was fun and catchy.

In 1985, Megadeth took that song and well, Megadethified it. In the album Killing is My Business… and Business is Good, the thrash metal band included a song called “These Boots.”

Megadeth changed the lyrics and the melody to the point where the only similarities would be a few lines and the characteristic chorus- “These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you.”

Alien Ant Farm’s Smooth Criminal

Dozens of Michael Jackson’s songs have been covered by hundreds of artists, but no one really could do it quite as well as the King of Pop.

In 2001, a then little known band Alien Ant Farm released a cover of Smooth Criminal. It was so good, it would carry the entire album.

Even AAF’s video held numerous Michael Jackson references like the light-up floor panel and the physically impossible lean.

Seether’s Careless Whisper

George Michael’s single Careless Whisper is the soundtrack to many a beer house in the country and is massively iconic in its own right. Some people have watched girls grind to it, some have cried themselves to sleep clutching a pillow with it on, and some include this song in their Videoke staple.

Seether covered Careless Whisper in 2009 and turned it on its head- made it more violent and more desperate. It was awesome.

Kids who have never heard of Wham or George Michael are going to think Careless Whisper is a piece of musical genius, sadly, without knowing it was George Michael’s sex voice that made it all possible.

Disturbed’s Shout 2000

Tears for Fears is New Wave, there’s no arguing with that. They released Shout in 1985 and it became a hit in a big way. Back when New Wave was actually new, this song rocketed to #1 in the Billboard charts.

Who knew that if you have an angst-driven band perform Shout, the song’s actual meaning becomes painfully obvious. In 2000, Disturbed released a track entitled Shout 2000, which changed quite a few lyrics from the original song and made it their own.

They get brownie points for saying “Ice, Ice baby” and not sounding horrible. Well, about as not horrible as singing “Ice, Ice baby” can get.

SinoSikat?: Splintr Artist of the Month

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 proudly presents the country’s premiere PinoySoul band, SinoSikat? as July’s Artist of the Month!

Catch exclusive videos of their performance from the launch of their second album, which is quite logically named “2nd Album.” We have 9 awesome videos performed in true SinoSikat? fashion!

We have So Blue, Nung Iniwan Mo Ako and Wherever You Are. Click on the images to go directly to the videos.

So Blue
So Blue

Nung Iniwan Mo AKo
Nung Iniwan Mo Ako

Wherever You Are
Wherever You Are

Catch those songs and more at our Screening Room! We’ve got more SinoSikat? in store for you this month, only from, your independent music channel!

Splintr’s New Releases- Unos by Sandata

Monday, June 14th, 2010 is proud to present to you a freshly released video: Unos by Sandata! This video saw its online debut exclusively on

Unos by Sandata

Unos is a beautifully written piece packed with so much power and controlled aggression, producing one of the better songs of this genre in the Philippine music scene to date. Watch out of this band. If the rush you feel when you listen to any of their songs is any indication, Sandata is going to go places and they’re going to be huge. Here’s what’s written on the New Releases Page:

With all the music that’s overwhelming the local scene, Sandata is able to offer a fresh yet familiar sound with their unique brand of metal. They are able to surprise audiences with their groove-based beats combined with aggressive guitar riffs, and powerful yet melodic vocals. Sandata started out as a cover band that was put together with the sole intention of playing in a single school fair. Later on, the band decided to write songs and try to make it in the local scene. After a few years and a number of line-up changes, Sandata is now a force to reckon with and is ready to make its mark in the industry.

To watch the video, go to, then click on the upper right corner, where it says New Releases. Or you could just simply click here. will always, always give you the latest from the greatest local and international bands. Keep track of what’s hot by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

New Releases!

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Over at, the video library just keeps growing and growing. We just recently added two new videos from Mr. Bones & The Boneyard Circus. To see the new videos, go to and click on New Releases.


We have Go Go Dance, which is, quite honestly, an amazingly rocking song coupled with a bizarre music video you’ll just have to see to believe. Haunted Wonderland was a Splintr exclusive for a whole week. The video is a continuation of the Go Go Dance video. The song brings it closer to the Goth influence but still retains a much heavier edge.

Those who haven’t heard Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus are in for a treat. Don’t let the theatrics fool you; they came to rock your socks off and they will most likely succeed in doing so.

“Loud and definitely in your face! Dark and twisty lyrics, set to raw and raucous, yet masterful music. Deliciously infectious grooves. Theatrical, with more than a hint of macabre drama. Welcome to Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus’ unique brand of musical madness and merry mayhem!

Formed in mid-2009, the band belies and defies being the “new bones in the cemetery lot”. With their sheer musical talent, dedication, and creative edge, the band is destined to rock the tombstones off your graves. They cite Wednesday 13, Zombie Ghost Train, The Horrors, The Misfits, Korn, REPO! The Genetic Opera, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Alice Cooper, Sigur Ros, The Doors, Nirvana, Metallica, and Iron Maiden among their many loud and proud musical influences. Their sound is a fusion of ska, punk, and hard rock, with undertones of classic rock. The end-result of which can only be described as “PSYCHO-BILLY!”

Taken from our New Releases Section

See both videos on the here. And like always, check our Twitter feed and our Facebook community for updates and news!

Fans’ Choice

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Yesterday, we asked on our Facebook and Twitter who their favorite Splintr artist is. We had very varied responses. Here’s what they had to say:

Ekong, Harold and Raymond said their favorite was Wolfgang because… well, wala nang pali-paliwanag pa! Raymond later changed his reason to “Pinoy Rock”. It’s not much of an explanation but it says more than you might think.

Check out more videos of Wolfgang here.

Christina said Salamin, and she made it crystal clear that we should say that her reason is because they are and we quote “total cutie pies.” Are they total cutie pies, so to speak? Let’s see.

Cutie Pies

Indeed. Indeed, they are. And if you want to see more of them, we have their Splintr Sessions here.

Francis, Vladimir and Mark all voted for Greyhoundz, along with a few choice expletives, which we all appreciate every now and then.

Catch all of Greyhoundz videos on

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