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Splintr Unplugged Greyhoundz Winners!

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Finally, we’ve been able to pick three of the best entries! We would like to thank each and everyone who joined our little contest!

Without further ado, here are our winners.

Our second runner-up winner gets:
One Greyhoundz T-shirt
One T-shirt
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Our second runner-up is Philsan Aguilar!

Your Puppet and Clown

It is one of my favorite Greyhoundz songs, especially the unplugged version.

Basically, the title itself explains what the song is all about; it applies to all things, where one is being manhandled or being controlled by another, it also has a great political meaning if you try to relate it with what is happening to the world where almost everybody is a slave of something or someone and that slave cannot do anything but to obey and to follow. With the words being used, it can be anything. I can even have thousands of examples. Even lovers can relate to this song. If one is dominant and the other can’t do anything but to follow just in the name of love, and kahit harap harapan ka na niyang sinasaktan ay OKAY pa rin (drama) hehe. I won’t make this much longer, all I’m trying to say is; this song is for everybody who, at one point in their life, has an encounter with a sadistic creature who makes life miserable and with every command, the answer must always be YES with a smile on your face.

The first runner-up wins:
Two tickets to the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Grand Finals on Jan 29, 2011
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Our first runner-up is Victor Sebastian!

I just happened to come from a bad breakup before I bought Execution Style. This song really hit me in the gut with its emotional and powerful lyrics. I may have misinterpreted this song a bit because of how it came close to my personal struggles at that time but here goes.

It’s about a couple who had a falling out. The guy believes that their relationship’s foundations were built upon lies and deceit (the castle built on sand) woven by his partner. The girl was stolen by another guy. Perhaps by a friend or an acquaintance (another thief). The girl was cheating all along (went out dancing with other supposed kings) right under his nose (somewhere not so distant from here. while I was asleep) and the guy did not have the slightest idea. He didn’t know the girl and what she was capable of. He just did not see the girl ever doing that (dreaming of a different scene, sleeping with a different queen). The discovery made the guy feel like he was being choked…being hanged.

The guy then looks back and thinks how they were in love and that they’re weakness was each other (the poison). He also wonders if things could have been different had the lies stopped. He still has what-ifs and regrets (will this episode last a little longer…). He still loves her despite what she’s done and is willing to give it another chance.

And finally, our grand prize winner will receive:
One signed CD of the Splintr Unplugged Audio (total 12 tracks) of Greyhoundz
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
One Red Horse Beer Hoodie jacket

And that lucky son of a gun is Ivan Villacorta!

The song that I like most from Greyhoundz’s set is “Taking You High.”

Taking You High has been one of the best hits from Houndz and it became one of my favorite since it has smooth/relaxing sound and it featured different artists such as Ian(Queso/Wilabaliw), Jamir (Slapshock) , and Bogoy (Zoooom). Houndz demonstrated on this song that they not only know Rap Metal but also know how to groove with different type of genre. It is also one of the best Pinoy rock collaborations in the history and they proved that after a decade, they are still in the Music industry together and continuing to produce head bangin’ sounds. If Philippine television consider “Eat Bulaga” as an institution then its counterpart to Pinoy Rock music industry is Greyhoundz, Queso, and Slapshock.

In my own opinion, the song is about Venni Vetti Vicci. They came, they saw, and they conquered. People cried and hungered for a good music so the gates has been opened and the band came. The band produced hits and they invited people to listen to their music. People enjoyed jamming to their music and got addicted to the rock solid hits produced which is why they has now conquered the Rock industry in the Philippines.

Congratulations to our winners! Remember, all this wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors- Red Horse Beer!

Dre Ito Ang Tama!

Greyhoundz Splintr Unplugged Contest

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Hey Greyhoundz fans! Remember that contest we were running with the Greyhoundz? Well, we wanted to give even more people the chance to join it! To do that, we are making the rules so much simpler. Here’s what you could win:

Grand Prize:
One signed CD of the Splintr Unplugged Audio (total 12 tracks) of Greyhoundz
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
One Red Horse Beer Hoodie jacket

First Runner Up Prize:
Two tickets to the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Grand Finals on Jan 29, 2011
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Second Runner Up Prize:
One Greyhoundz T-shirt
One T-shirt
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Here’s how to join:

- Watch the Greyhoundz videos on the Greyhoundz page.
- Pick just one song from their set, and tell us how you understand that song. What is your interpretation of the song? You could even tell us why it speaks to you or why you really like it.
- Email your entry to along with your name and phone number. Use SPLINTR UNPLUGGED GREYHOUNDZ PROMO as your subject.
- Entries should be in by Jan. 15, 2010
- Make sure you’re a fan of the Splintr or the Greyhoundz fan page!
- We will pick three lucky winners, based on creativity!

RHB 'Dre Ito ang tama!

Send in those entries now! Rock en roll!!!

Ready For The 2010 Red Horse MUZIKLABAN?!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Only 79 days until the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Band Competition Grand Finals! Of course, before the Grand Finals is the Semi-Finals. Watch the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Semi-finals on November 13, 2010 at Tarlac City Plazuela, Tarlac. With performances from Greyhoundz & Ibarra.


Red Horse Beer Muziklaban is famous for discovering the greatest musical acts in the local scene. It is the most awaited band competition in the whole country. Red Horse Beer Muziklaban discovered the likes of Fuseboxx (2003 winner), Mayonnaise (2004 winner) and Sunflower Day Camp (2005 winner). They have been providing grounds for the ultimate music showdown, showcasing the best from the local music scene and giving them the opportunity of a lifetime since it started in 1999. Red Horse Beer Muziklaban winners are given 1 million pesos, and a recording contract from Viva Philippines. Not bad for a competition sponsored by the ass kickingest beer in the country.



Aside from the usual band competition (or the Rock Challenge), Red Horse Beer Muziklaban also features other competitions such as a Tattoo Challenge (spearheaded by renowned Tattoo artist Ricky Sta. Ana), a Film Challenge (spearheaded by Film buff RA Rivera) and an Extreme Sports Challenge (spearheaded by BMX rider Armand Mariano). Everything that an adrenaline junkie needs is here at the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban 2010.

So what are you waiting for? Check the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban gig guide to catch a gig near you. Don’t forget the Grand Finals happening on January 2011. It’s going to be an event of epic proportions, as always!