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Neuter Lover: First Manila Tour

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Thai indie artist Neuter Lover [Apichaya Chaipayom] will be doing a week’s worth of touring across well-known performance venues across Manila as part of her first set of gigs in the Philippines. She’s gotten a good deal of recognition from her native Thailand and she definitely has more than her share of fans from overseas.

She does it all – she provides vocals for the tracks, plays the guitar and even dabbles into the art of programming to create the otherworldly bleeps and synths that she uses to create her brand of shoegaze/ ambient music. Her main influences include very familiar ambient artists like Portishead, Massive Attack and Enigma among others. True enough, Neuter Lover channels a very ethereal and relaxed mood that just lingers in the air as an emotional stimulus.

She has many videos of her performances online so you may want to check it out to get a better feel of what her sound is like.

Neuter Lover will be playing in these following venues:

July 7 – Cafe Alfonso (Makati)

July 8 – Future (Cubao X)

July 9 – Route 196

July 12 – Conspiracy

July 14 – Saguijo

July 15- Cafe Clay

For more information, please visit or call/text +639274408474.

Enemies of Saturn and Subscapular team up for bar tour

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Enemies of Saturn and Subscapular – two bands whose awesome albums were reviewed on Splintr – are combining forces along with other bands to go around the metro for a series of shows that will run for the rest of the month.Cushe Footwear is presenting the Vintage 2011 Deuce Bar Tour that would send EoS and Subscapular to B-Side at the Collective, Sazi’s, Saguijo and Route 196! That’s more or less the four most popular gig venues of the past few years.

Enemies of Saturn embraces a very visceral and almost sensual approach to their musicality. The tracks that they’ve dished out on their self-titled album are quite catchy and one could only imagine that it would be even better live.

Subscapular on the other hand goes towards a more ‘experiment rock alternative pop’ route and their themes are rooted on youth, self discovery and nostalgia.


Catch the shows on the following locations:

June 3 – B-Side ( with Six The Northstar, Hijo, Audible, Taken By Cars, Miscellaneous)

June 11 – Sazi’s (with Inday Bote, Faintlight, Maryzark, Mr Bones)

June 17 – Saguijo (with Malay, Kjwan, Blue Boy Bites Back)

June 24 – Route 196 (with Butchercons, Kuwago, Hansom, Tonight We Sleep)


This tour sure covers all the hot spots. Whether you’re in Makati, Manila or Quezon city, you’ll definitely get a chance to see the show.
See you all there.


Pinoy Musik Aid – May 28

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

UR 105.9 is set to stop airing in a couple of months but fortunately for fans of local music who are reeling from the loss of many big names in the music industry in the past couple of years, UR will continue to be an entity in the game as URFaceRadio. With this rebirth of sorts, UR has cooked up something big to launch this project off the ground. With the help of many sponsors and partners (along with Splintr), UR will be conducting six simultaneous gigs around the city on May 28 (Saturday) to officially usher in this new incarnation of the radio station that still seeks to give exposure to budding and established local musicians as well as give listeners a fresh alternative to the otherwise stale music choices on local radio.

The URFaceRadio Facebook Page has very good functionalities that would allow users to listen and even watch streams released by the station.

The main stage will be at Metrowalk Central Plaza in the Ortigas area while the satellite gigs will be at B-side (Malugay St., Makati), Sazi’s Bar (Espana), Molokai, Kalye Timog and Casa Nami. Show at Metrowalk starts 5PM! Admission is free!

See you there!



Grace Note
Flying Ipis
Black Manika

B-SIDE/B-Side Prod:
Flippin’ Soul Stompers
Jack Versus The Crab
DJ Bing Austria

Champ & The Strong Force
Eternal Now
Jurassic Pards

Bill Cleantones
red striped suzie
jeepney joyride
Jeck Pilpil & Peacepipe

Mr.Bones & The Boneyard Circus
Voice of Tranquility
Project Mayhem

The Dawn @ Jam Music Fest – 25 years in music!

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

The Dawn will be celebrating their 25th year as a force in local rock at Jam Music Fest!¬† The show will be at Eastwood Central Plaza, Libis, Quezon. 7 PM. The Dawn is certainly in the pantheon of the most venerable rockstars that the country has ever seen and it would be a fitting tribute for them to be feted in a grand event. If you’ve ever sang along to any of their anthemic songs like “Iisang Bangka”, “Tulad Ng Dati” and the song “Enveloped Ideas”, please do try to come and rock hard to a band that has survived the best and worst times of the past quarter century. The band has gone through personel changes but you can count of The Dawn to play the songs that you know and love.

Other bands and artists for the show include Nyoy Volante, Imago, Sandwich, Peryodiko, General Luna, Rivermaya, Ebe Dancel, 6 Cyclemind and Lahi.

Splintr will be covering The Dawn’s set and the footage would be featured on the site soon!

The Late Isabel gets ‘Lackadaisical’

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

late-isabel-1The Late Isabel has always been a cult-favorite among people who loved a quirky mix of pop and rock. Their first release Doll’s Head was well received and made the band one of the most sought-after bands left of the mainstream. Fans of the first set of The Late Isabel would be surprised though that the band has a different take on things for the new album Lackadaisical. In their own words, the new album channels the little girl from the first album who has stepped out of her doll house to sing with more grit and brash power.

THE LATE ISABEL–Allan Hernandez on guitars, John Pete Agcoili on drums, Rudolf Bacale on bass, and Wawi Navarroza- ¬†The independent release features 4-tracks in a Limited Edition CD of only 200 copies featuring photography and signed artwork by Wawi Navarroza.

The new album will be formally released on April 5 (Tuesday) at B-side – The Collective along Malugay St. Other bands playing that night include Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Turbo Goth, Skies of Ember, Blue Jean Junkies, Blast Ople, Cinemacabro, Halik ni Gringo, The Sleepy Heads and Krispy Kunst. There will be NO DOOR CHARGE. Here’s the Lackadaisical official album launch page link.

Coincidentally, Wawi will be leaving for further studies in Madrid for a year so this EP is a record that the band would leave for fans right before they go on a mini-hiatus.

You may listen to the title track “Lackadaisical” via Splintr! The audio stream is exclusive to Splintr for the moment so do tell your friends about it.

The last of the JD Long Sets (April 1 – Handle Bar Makati)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011


Jack Daniels will be presenting the last show in its series of concerts for The Long Sets on April 1, 2011 at Handle Bar (Polaris St, Makati City). Seven of the 13 bands that were part of the concert series lineup will be back for one last time. The show will start at 10pm and would feature perfomances by Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Cosmic Love, Blue Boy Bites Back, Paramita, Jack Versus the Crab, Stories of Now and Playphonics.

Invites to the very exclusive JD Reveal Night on April 15 will be also up for grabs for those who show up on Friday’s show. See you all there!

Deftones Concert Venue Guidelines

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Hello Deftones fans!

As the Deftones concert comes closer and closer, we can feel the electric excitement fill the air. Since it’s so close, we thought it’d be best to establish some concert venue guidelines:

1. All mobile phones must be turned to silent mode once show starts.

2. No professional cameras (with long lenses, flash, etc.) or any recording equipment,
whether audio or video, are allowed inside the concert halls.

3. No laptops or any computer equipment are allowed inside the concert halls.

4. Strictly no smoking inside the concert halls and at the venue lobby.

5. Knives, guns, any other firearm, candles, explosives, lighters, sharp objects and the
like will be confiscated and turned over to local police. Persons found to be carrying
such items will also be turned over to local police accordingly.

6. Drugs are strictly prohibited.

7. You may not bring your own food and drinks inside the concert halls.

8. Please avoid bringing in large or bulky hand-carry bags inside the concert halls. The
management of the venue and the concert promoter will not be liable for any loss or

9. Large chains, spike bracelets, wallet chains and large metal buckets are not allowed
inside the concert halls.

10. Audience are not allowed to bring in any type of chairs inside the concert halls.

11. Children below 4 feet are strictly not allowed inside the concert halls. Security
personnel have full discretion to check IDs.

12. Pregnant women should sign a waiver prior to entry.

13. Security personnel have full discretion to check/question any person/persons
exhibiting suspicious behavior or carrying suspicious looking items/baggage. All bags
will be subject for inspection.

14. Security personnel have full discretion to detain, question and turn over to local
police anyone exhibiting suspicious and/or violent behavior.

15. Security personnel have full discretion to enforce the above guidelines and to call the
attention of any person/persons who do not comply.

Deftones are watching you

All rules are there for a reason! If we follow them all, no one gets hassled and everyone can enjoy the full force awesomeness of the Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour!

Also, the MOA Pyro-Olympics (Pyrolympics?) are happening on the same day so we strongly urge you guys to come early to avoid the traffic!

Thank you guys for your cooperaton!

Santa de GAFiEiRA

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Party with Nykó Macá, GAFiEiRA & Family for the benefit of public schools across the metro

TUE 28Dec10
9PM onwards
@ B-Side
The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Village, Makati

In cooperation with Rock Ed’s and Book Bigayan

Also featuring:

Corporate Lo-Fi
Mike’s Apartment
DJ Madz Abubakar
Escola de Samba Drummers
Escola Brasiliera de Capoeira

PHP150 gets you in with 1 FREE BEER!

***Bring school supplies &/or old books for donation and get a PHP50 discount on the entrance fee***

Santa de GAFiEiRA

Buy 1 Take 1 on JACK DANIELS

‚ÄúSanta de GAFiEiRA,” A Brasilipino Christmas party

Monday, December 20th, 2010

It’s the season again for endless parties and drinking until the break of dawn whilst you listen to your favorite rock bands and dance to the beats of your favorite DJs. This holiday season, we want you to do just that, and at the same time, help out those in need.


One of Manila’s pioneer in the neo-vintage Brasilipino funk, Nykó Macá + Playground (NMPG) appeals to the more seasoned audience of our generation, bringing the best of soul and jazz to the hip and progressive trendsetters of the youth. NMPG is also in the spirit of merry-making and good times via high-caliber entertainment!

Nyk√≥ Mac√° + Playground, GAFiEiRA, in cooperation with Rock ED‚Äôs (artist-spearheaded NGO that promotes volunteerism thru youth culture) Book Bigayan Program, bring you, ‚ÄúSanta de GAFiEiRA‚ÄĚ, a Brasilipino Christmas party!

Party at B-Side! Located at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Village, Makati, on the 28th of December, Tuesday. We’ll start rocking at 9pm for the benefit of public schools all across the metro.

With performances by:

Corporate Lo-Fi
Mike’s Apartment
Escola de Samba Drummers
Pupil (to be confirmed)
Pedicab or Sandwich (to be confirmed)
PlanetZips (ribbon and fire dancers)
FunkRoots (freestyling breakdancers)
Escola Brasiliera de Capoeira
Girl vs Girl (to be confirmed)


150 pesos gets you in along with a bottle of beer. Donate school supplies and/or old books to get 50 pesos off on the entrance fee. JACK DANIELS is on a buy 1 take 1 promo as well so make the most our of this glorious holiday celebration!


Thursday, December 16th, 2010

In town for post-holiday rock shows to shake you out of your stupor is the Southern California-based band 3 Headed Dog. 3 Headed Dog is composed of none other than vocalist/guitarist David Aguirre (Razorback), drummer Wolf Gemora (Wolfgang) and bassist Danny Gonzalez. The trio were previously in the Philippines over the end of 2006 and early 2007 as part of Lokomotiv. The 3HD sound is classic hard rock with old-school punk rock thrown in. Shades of heavy metal and garage rock are added to the mix for good measure.

Catch them and listen to their new material‚ÄĒthis is truly a sweet treat for local rock music fans and aficionados. Special guest bands joining them throughout the tour are Kastigo, Reklamo, Hilera, AK-47 and Pandora, to name a few.


January 5 – SAZI’S BAR, Espana Blvd., Manila
January 7 – OBSIDIAN, Home Depot Complex, Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig
January 8 – STUDIO ONE, Baguio City
January 9 – AYUYANG BAR, Baguio City
January 14 – HANDLE BAR, Polaris St., Makati
January 15 – PENGUIN BAR, Vito Cruz Ave., Makati
January 20 – LX, Cebu City
January 21 – HANDURAW PIZZA, Cebu City
January 22 – THE OUTPOST, Cebu City
January 23 – FRONTERA GRILL, Zamboanga City
January 25 – BELA BAR, P. Guevara St., San Juan
January 26 – SAGUIJO, Guijo St., Bangkal, Makati
January 28 – CHECKPOINT, Dona Soledad Ave., Bicutan
January 29 – B-SIDE, Malugay St., Makati
February 1 – 19 EAST, Sucat, Paranaque

The ‚Äú3 Headed Dog Tour ng Pilipinas sa 2011‚ÄĚ was made possible by 1FiSH Productions, with the help of Rogue Magazine, JB Music, Tribal Gear, and