It is a sad day for Filipino metal fans. Intolerant has called it a day. In a message on the band’s Facebook page, the band announced their break-up and assured the fans that the split was amicable and that they plan on making more music with their respective projects.

with heavy hearts, we bring the sad news that as of last night, INTOLERANT has officially disbanded after more than five years of creating and playing the music that we love. though it is unfortunate and was a very hard decision to make, the four of us have amicably parted ways because of the fact that we all feel that our plates are currently full with personal matters outside of the band, and that continuing to play as Intolerant will not be in the best interest of each individual’s personal growth. though it is never easy to call it a day, the good thing is we have all decided to treat the matter with the utmost respect not just for each other, but for everyone who had faith in us and helped us along the way.

Intolerant rose from the ashes of Skychurch, another legendary metal band. They rose into prominence, gaining acclaim for their intensity and musicality as evidenced by their live shows. They have toured around Asia and opened for international bands like Death Angel, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God, and many more. Known for their work ethic, the band has maintained a rigorous touring schedule that saw the band play throught the country, especially during the release of their debut album “Reasons For Unrest” in 2010.

Read the rest of the announcement here.

Watch the band’s Splintr Sessions performance here.

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