By Francis Cabal


Jorge Wieneke is a man who loves many things, from Carl Jung to videogames (the latter being a major point of discussion everytime I talk to the guy). With Similar Objects, he was able to channel all these influences into a form of expression  that is indubitably unique. Similar Objects remains an enigmatic alter ego for Wieneke. The music transcends verbal communication, and as a respite from words, it still manages to say a lot.


Jorge Wieneke is also a very prolific artist with a number of releases and collaborations under his belt. For someone who works a lot, he’s still about quality over quantity. Every track I have heard from him is well thought-out, with rarely a misstep. His production work is top-notch, as well as his live show as evidenced by his sets at the Manila Music Festival and the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. He is a force to be reckoned with, and “OverSoulUrgy” is further proof of that.

Similar Objects’ “OverSoulUrgy” is 11 tracks of intelligent electronic music. His style borrows a lot from IDM, ambient electronica, and even old school hip-hop beats. He molds these influences into something that is truly his. While most instrumental electronic music tends to be repetitive and simplistic, “OverSoulUrgy” plays around with mood and melody to make it a more dynamic listening experience. It’s a refreshingly “new age” approach to beat-making and warrants the listener to digest the album all the way through.


Wieneke is also a master of not overstaying his welcome, with most of the songs not exceeding 3-minute mark. The danger with most instrumental music is that when not executed properly, they tend to become nothing but background music. Similar Objects manages to avoid these pitfalls by keeping things short and interesting, from the opening track “MvScrn” to the hypnotic closer “@ffinitee”.


If you listen to the songs individually, you may come out of it wanting more. That’s why listening to the album in its entirety puts things in perspective. These songs are not just singles or song snippets. They serve their purpose as being part of something larger. Everything in this album is cohesively trippy (or trippily cohesive, depending on which way you look at it). Do yourself a favor and download the album, open your mind, and by the time it’s over you’ll end up feeling rewarded.


“OverSoulUrgy” is available for download at the Similar Objects bandcamp page.


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