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Mr. Jack’s Birthday! – September 30 at Handle Bar

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

As a grand celebration to the birthdays of one of the most enduring whiskeys in the history of the world, Jack Daniel’s will be hosting a hard rocking Friday night (September 30) monster set gig at Handle Bar in Polaris St. Makati. The JD Set Chosen 7 will be going out in full force as they collaborate with each for the first time in this very special event.

Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus is slated to perform with Blue Boy Bites back for a very interesting mix of rock and pop influences. Rica Billano and the rest of Playphonics will likewise be lending her ethereal musical stylings with Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus while Paolo Castro of Blue Boy Bites Back would join forces with Kelevra. The Stories of Now will be making melodies with Playphonics while  John Godinez and Philip Queuep of Kelevra will add to the already solid musical unit that is Paramita.

This certainly promises to be an anything-goes, balls-to-the-wall, go-big-or-go-home production that promises to be a big event that has no equal in recent memory. The combinations, collaborations and artistic permutations that await tomorrow night at Handle Bar (9PM) are very intriguing indeed.

To learn more about the JD Set and the featured bands, you may visit the JD Set Facebook page.


Despite announced hiatus, Disturbed to release B-sides album

Friday, September 23rd, 2011


After making it known that the band will not do any tours for 2012, heavy rock band Disturbed now announces that they are to release their first ever collection of B-sides on November 8, 2011. The album will be called The Lost Children and would be released under Reprise Records.

Since releasing their breakthrough debut The Sickness that included era-defining songs such as “Stupify” and “Down With The Sickness”, the band has been successful in getting their albums to the top of the Billboard charts. The succeeding four albums (Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible and Asylum) all debuted number one making them one of three bands to have done this feat – they are joined by Dave Matthews Band and Metallica in this very exclusive club.

The collection will contain songs that were only previously available on the Disturbed’s official website as well as other songs that didn’t make it to the final versions of their studio albums.

It’s definitely a full album! The tracks are as follows:

“A Welcome Burden”
“This Moment”
“Old Friend”
“Leave It Alone”
“Two Worlds”
“God of The Mind”
“Midlife Crisis”
“Living After Midnight”

Metallica teases fans with short preview

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Metallica ¬†revealed earlier this year that they will release a full length album featuring their collaborative work with The Velvet Underground songwriter Lou Reed. The project that is currently being called LULU is one of the most anticipated albums for 2011. It is scheduled to be out by November 1 in North America and October 31 elsewhere. Reactions have been mixed regarding Metallica’s two latest albums so LULU would certainly be a very interesting record to listen to given Metallica’s progression into a different sound.

A 30-second clip from the song “The View” has been released and based on initial reactions on the Youtube comment boards and music forums, the reception is lukewarm at best. The short sample features James Hetfield almost going into the territory of spoken word in what sounds like the song’s verse. The song seems to pick up in tempo but just as the speed goes up, the record fades – leaving you wondering where the song ultimately goes to.

So, how did you find this preview of the new Metallica song?

Pinoy talents shine at Baybeats 2011

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Due to its location, cultural diversity and strong economy, Singapore has emerged as the region’s hub when it comes to entertainment and concerts. The Esplanade has also become one of the most awe-inspiring and recognizable architectural wonders in our side of the world and any chance to have a performance and exhibit in this grand venue would certainly be a great honor and thrill for any artist.

The Baybeats Festival has been held for ten years running now and continues to have the very noble goal of making sure that regional talent gets as much attention as talent from other parts of the world. Selena Salang of Ang Bandang Shirley wrote in length about her experience as a performer for this year’s edition of Rockin’ The Region and for sure, the bands that got to experience that same treat.

Some of the acts¬† that went to Singapore for this year’s Baybeats included Wolfgang (The Philippines) , Turbo Goth (Philippines) , Julianne (Philippines), Pet Conspiracy (China), Caracal (Singapore) , Moscow Olympics (Philippines), Buddhistson (Japan) and Cheating Sons (Singapore).

Here are some photos from the event! These photos are exclusively available on! Much thanks goes out to the photographers, Baybeats and Esplanade!

Wolfgang [photo by Alvin Ho] PHILIPPINES (more…)

JD Set Strikes Back at Craft Grill [The Fort Strip] – September 16 (Friday)

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

After a very successful launch, the JD Set crew hits the road once again as Kelevra, Playphonics and Blue Boy Bites Back scorch the stage at¬† Craft Grill at the Fort Strip. After a long and exhaustive search for the Chosen 7, Jack Daniels and the JD Set is back to go around Manila’s hottest bars to showcase the scene’s most exciting and popular bands.

Go to Craft Grill at the Fort Strip on September 16 (Friday) and witness as three of the Chosen 7 strut their wares is one of the fast emerging rock venues in the metro.

The Fort Entertainment Complex
Unit E, The Fort Entertainment Center, The Fort Entertainment Complex
5th Ave. corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

It’s very easy to get to the venue by car – either take C-5, Buendia or McKinley Road depending on where you’re coming from. The Fort Strip is just a few blocks away from Bonifacio High Street, Serendra and Market Market. You may also take the Fort Bus from Ayala Avenue if you will be commuting.

In cooperation with the JD SET, Splintr will be soon posting videos of the Chosen 7 on the website. Keep posted for more details!

Young and Reckless: the best of both worlds

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Fashion and music have always come hand in hand – distinct looks have often defined the prevailing tone of a musical movement and with the advent of social media, the marriage between these two have become stronger. On September 15, 2011 (Thursday) – the best and most promising young Filipino entrepreneurs from the fashion scene will be joining forces with the freshest talent in the music scene for a can’t-miss engagement at B-Side at the Collective in Malugay St. (Makati).

It’s definitely a formidable roster of brands with the likes of¬† SOULe Footwear, Drone Clothing, Nick Automatic, Gnarly! and Bring Rings highlighted for the event. These brands have captured the imagination of the younger generation and has remained in touch with the direction of how young people want to look. The innovations of these brands have taken them to directions that make them even more relevant to the current music scene making them almost indispensable contributors to the vibrancy and excitement of the local musicscape.


Young & Reckless from moonfire inc on Vimeo.

The event will feature the music of Blue Boy Bites Back, Jejaview, Teenage Daydream, Sirens, Pull-It Surprise, Earth Mover and DJ Benjamin Burns. This event promises to be a very good introduction and showcasing of the best that music and fashion has to offer so if you’re not doing anything on Thursday, do check this out! Splintr is also a partner for this event so it’s absolutely coming with our stamp of approval!

You can get in with 150php for the ticket. This comes with a free bottle of beer.
Pony up 350php and you’ll get a beer and a shirt – that’s a real sweet deal!

Again, this is on Thursday (September 15 at B-Side). See you all there!

Butchercons pumps up the volume

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

If it were up to the Butchercons, they would rather not answer questions on what kind of music they actually play. One spin of their full-length album Coalesce would make you see why¬†Bobby Padilla,¬†Pao Bernaldo,¬†Neil and¬†Jose Tolentino probably feel this way. The album sounds like it came organically and was written without any established cookie-cutter musical philosophy in mind. There is definitely a very palpable effort to push the limits of what they can do – both musically and thematically when it comes to the topics of the tracks.¬† (more…)

Tom Morello as the Nightwatchman

Thursday, September 8th, 2011



Tom Morello is best known for being the¬†virtuoso¬†guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave but he’s slowly making a name for himself as a solo artist as The Nighwatchman. Due to the inherent non-political tone of the Audioslave albums, Morello started performing solo to have an outlet for his old activist self – a side that was most definitely shown during his days as a member of Rage Against the Machine. The first Nightwatchman album One Man Revolution was released in 2007 – Morello was said to have been inspired by the wars that were going on at that time and the scandals surrounding the use of torture in the War against Terror.

If you think Morello will be all electric on this project, you would be pleasantly surprised. Instead of falling into the trap of gratuitous playing, Morello shows a lot of restraint and even goes to his acoustic guitar from time to time.

Morello then followed up this strong debut with The Fabled City, another thematically-aggressive collection of tracks that channels the strong emotions surrounding Guantanamo Bay and even the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina.

Union Town was released early this year as a fundraising effort for the unions in the United States. Morello has always been vocal about his passion for worker’s rights and with Union Town, he was able to put his own spin on classic union songs and give all proceeds of the album sales for the benefit of those fighting for the rights of workers.

The new album World Wide Rebel Songs just came out last week. The video in this post is for “Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine” – a track that features Morello’s vocals and guitar playing along with great harmonica playing.

Tom Morello shows that one’s passion and beliefs can be beautifully translated to art that could be more easily digested by the mass market. Listening to The Nightwatchman will definitely make you see the world in a different way.

Fuseboxx follows up with “Animated”

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Fuseboxx has always been one of the most unique bands in the local scene. The foursome of Abby Clutario (vocals, keyboard and chapmanstick), Mico Ong (guitars), Eric Tubon (synthesizers) and Lester Banzuelo (drums) have a penchant for creating distinct sounds by masterfully combining elements of rock, progressive, electronic, classical and pop among others. The result that comes out of Fuseboxx’s cauldron is a very rich mix that can produce a very visceral and sensual experience to any listener. The band simply treads the seemingly disparate territory of the avant garde with the elements that might seem familiar to most listeners. Some of the sounds may feel familiar, but with new treatments and even more innovative combinations; the experience feels absolutely novel but not alien the first time you hear Fuseboxx music.

As a follow-up to their critically-acclaimed self-titled album released 2005, the band has successfully launched their sophomore release ¬†Animated. The album is a rich collection of ten tracks that push the envelope – and for a band of Fuseboxx’s standard, the songs on this album really does push the boundaries and rules when it comes to combining and bending genres. Listening through Animated actually feels like a very welcome reason in understanding what’s important and what’s possible in creativity and musical foresight.



The song “Pagbalik” beautifully illustrates the band’s ability to create songs and movements that have a sentimental and visceral familiarity and yet have the ability to disarm you with how fresh and distinct the musical approach is. Van Fernando and Ogi Sugatan directed the very fitting music video for the track. The band is filmed while playing through the song but once again, the treatment of the video and the footage gives it the extra edge – the visuals really do supplement the very dreamy and ethereal qualities of the musical backbone of the track. Reading through the lyrics can also be quite a powerful experience – alas, there are few emotions that could be more powerful and easy to relate to than love, longing and hope. Fuseboxx communicates these ideas with such honesty that’s impossible not to feel the themes of the song.

This is the recurring theme of the entire album – sensual familiarity and yet the musical approach is very refreshing. In the track ‘Columns’, the quick change ups in the intro suggest a very power metal and classical music driven beat, but it quickly evolves into something else – a sonic experience that is clearly pleasant but is very hard to classify or put into a specific genre. The theme of reclaiming oneself and pulling together to get a better perspective is certainly something that everyone can relate with.

With Animated, it’s clear that each chord, word and electronic bleep was placed with mastery and confidence that such an element would make the track more effective. The track ‘Reflections’ explores elements of progressive rock, streams of ambient and a very good dose of metal. Thematically, the music does get darker than the usual Fuseboxx song, but the sheer power of the delivery and the music makes the message still very easy to digest.

“Uyayi” is also a successful experiment in combining many structures and melodies to make a very cohesive whole. The progressions that the band uses in one song could have been used by other bands in several songs but Fuseboxx is simply technically-deft enough to tastefully combine, blend and modify sounds and rhythms as they please to make the melodies fit in seemlessly without making it seem forced and gratuitous.

If you’ve never listened to Fuseboxx, check out the embedded video on this post for “Pagbalik”. You will surely be expanding your musical horizons in the process.