When rock and roll luminaries like Wolf Gemora and David Aguirre come together to make music, fans of their past work will definitely take notice and see what the two legends are up are up to. With Danny Gonzalez formerly of Lokomotiv to man bass duties, it’s clear that these three men mean serious business. 3 Headed Dog has been very generous to allow a free download of their self-titled EP.


The 3 Headed Dog Facebook page is very transparent with what type of songs they gravitate towards. With influences like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, AC/DC among others, listeners can easily surmose the type of music that the band is likely to produce – very competent, honest-to-goodness hard-nosed rock that would certainly appeal to anyone who knows their chops when it comes to the genre. Given the track record of the people behind this triumvirate, it’s no surprise that the band’s EP is more than satisfying despite only containing three songs.

The track “30 Years” starts of dirge-like before taking off to more ethereal sounding components of the song. The central theme of deception hangs heavily on the persona of the song – and vocalist/guitarist Dave Aguirre is more than able to channel this very complicated feeling through his singing style. It’s actually a treat to hear Aguirre sing on tracks now since he was chiefly a guitarist on his past bands. The story unfolds beautifully through the lyrics and the arrangement that eventually crescendos in theĀ  angst-filled screaming that would typically associated with emotions of frustration and betrayal.

“Maynilad” starts of a lot slower than the first track and not unlike a diesel engine, it takes its time to warm up and get into a groove. Anyone who has listened to classic rock would find this track to be very comforting – it’s a brand new track and there is a good amount of innovation that went into the conception of the song; but at the same time, the general feel of the composition feels very familiar. It’s almost like a homecoming to a sound that you’ve always known – only that that you’re hearing it for the very first time.

The very aggressive “What Do You Want” is a very straight forward song fueled by frustration and despair. There’s a lot of energy that goes into the track and due to this, it does feel like it’s a lot longer than the actual 84 seconds that the song lasts. Despite the ‘shortness’ of the song in the temporal sense, the band definitely made it feel like a full-length song in terms of structure.

3 Headed Dog may be formed by legends who are better known for their great works with other bands but this band certainly has material that can be put side by side with the best compositions of their musical careers.

Again, the 3 Headed Dog EP is available for download on Splintr!

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