Youth and the desperate attempt to bottle and contain it has always been and enduring theme among music artists. Many have gone the manic depressive route and wrote very heavy and dark songs that mourn each day that adds to aging while there are artists who revel in the idea that it’s all in the mind.

Enter Subscapular and their new album¬†We Are Kids Forever; the band describes itself as “experimental rock alternative pop” on their Facebook page and the label is definitely consistent with how the new album sounds. There is something vaguely familiar with the way Subscapular sounds but there’s a very strong sense of individuality in the music as well. There are elements of punk, classic rock and hard rock that peek out of the rich musical landscape that the band has been able to lay out for their listeners to explore.

The title track is a triumph in combining these different musical schools of thought and the result is nothing short of something that could either force you to get up and jump around in a crowded bar or tap the steering wheel as you’re driving. It seems like the song was simply made as a call-to-arms to people who still consider themselves as kids (or are still kids, for that matter). The whole idea of “Us” versus “Them” may sound like a very cliche subject but there’s a reason why it’s enduring – it’s very relatable and anyone who has had struggles with the “Man” or the “Machine”.¬† It’s a very proud song but it never becomes disrespectful, crass or cheap. It’s a perfect pick me up for someone who needs a kick up the rear to get on with the program.

‘Hearts Automatic’ carries on the same driving pace that makes it really catchy. It’s clear that the album is showing a clear consistent message from the band; thematically, songs are generally about self-discovery and self-actualization while the music is almost always fast-paced and upbeat.

The song ‘Hit and Run Romance’ will certainly hit a nerve in many people. The experience of doing the inexplicable in the name of love is very universal and anyone who can relate to the mixed emotions that comes with being with a less than perfect relationship.

We Are Kids Forever is a very coherent set of voices that embody the precociousness and vibrancy of youth without sounding too brash or immature. It’s definitely a welcome addition to any discography.

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