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Deftones Poster Tagging Contest Week #5 Winner

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Congratulations to our final winner of the Deftones Poster Tagging Contest, Mr. Charles Santos! You, sir, have just won the last ticket to the Diamond Eyes Tour in Manila, courtesy of and Dickies!

Congratulations to all five of our winners! Please do wait for our emails and claim your tickets. Thanks for all your support, community. We love you guys! Stay locked in to as we give you the hottest gigs and the most eargasmic music!

Deftones Poster Tagging Contest Week #4 Winner

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Congratulations, Czar Nicholas Alindogan! You just won one Silver ticket to the Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour! Wait for our email please! This is made possible through and Dickies!

There’s one more ticket up for grabs! Make sure to keep tagging and sending us your entries, oh and make sure your profile isn’t private. If we can’t see it, you can’t win it. Good luck everyone.

Splintr Unplugged Greyhoundz Winners!

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Finally, we’ve been able to pick three of the best entries! We would like to thank each and everyone who joined our little contest!

Without further ado, here are our winners.

Our second runner-up winner gets:
One Greyhoundz T-shirt
One T-shirt
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Our second runner-up is Philsan Aguilar!

Your Puppet and Clown

It is one of my favorite Greyhoundz songs, especially the unplugged version.

Basically, the title itself explains what the song is all about; it applies to all things, where one is being manhandled or being controlled by another, it also has a great political meaning if you try to relate it with what is happening to the world where almost everybody is a slave of something or someone and that slave cannot do anything but to obey and to follow. With the words being used, it can be anything. I can even have thousands of examples. Even lovers can relate to this song. If one is dominant and the other can’t do anything but to follow just in the name of love, and kahit harap harapan ka na niyang sinasaktan ay OKAY pa rin (drama) hehe. I won’t make this much longer, all I’m trying to say is; this song is for everybody who, at one point in their life, has an encounter with a sadistic creature who makes life miserable and with every command, the answer must always be YES with a smile on your face.

The first runner-up wins:
Two tickets to the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Grand Finals on Jan 29, 2011
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Our first runner-up is Victor Sebastian!

I just happened to come from a bad breakup before I bought Execution Style. This song really hit me in the gut with its emotional and powerful lyrics. I may have misinterpreted this song a bit because of how it came close to my personal struggles at that time but here goes.

It’s about a couple who had a falling out. The guy believes that their relationship’s foundations were built upon lies and deceit (the castle built on sand) woven by his partner. The girl was stolen by another guy. Perhaps by a friend or an acquaintance (another thief). The girl was cheating all along (went out dancing with other supposed kings) right under his nose (somewhere not so distant from here. while I was asleep) and the guy did not have the slightest idea. He didn’t know the girl and what she was capable of. He just did not see the girl ever doing that (dreaming of a different scene, sleeping with a different queen). The discovery made the guy feel like he was being choked…being hanged.

The guy then looks back and thinks how they were in love and that they’re weakness was each other (the poison). He also wonders if things could have been different had the lies stopped. He still has what-ifs and regrets (will this episode last a little longer…). He still loves her despite what she’s done and is willing to give it another chance.

And finally, our grand prize winner will receive:
One signed CD of the Splintr Unplugged Audio (total 12 tracks) of Greyhoundz
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
One Red Horse Beer Hoodie jacket

And that lucky son of a gun is Ivan Villacorta!

The song that I like most from Greyhoundz’s set is “Taking You High.”

Taking You High has been one of the best hits from Houndz and it became one of my favorite since it has smooth/relaxing sound and it featured different artists such as Ian(Queso/Wilabaliw), Jamir (Slapshock) , and Bogoy (Zoooom). Houndz demonstrated on this song that they not only know Rap Metal but also know how to groove with different type of genre. It is also one of the best Pinoy rock collaborations in the history and they proved that after a decade, they are still in the Music industry together and continuing to produce head bangin’ sounds. If Philippine television consider “Eat Bulaga” as an institution then its counterpart to Pinoy Rock music industry is Greyhoundz, Queso, and Slapshock.

In my own opinion, the song is about Venni Vetti Vicci. They came, they saw, and they conquered. People cried and hungered for a good music so the gates has been opened and the band came. The band produced hits and they invited people to listen to their music. People enjoyed jamming to their music and got addicted to the rock solid hits produced which is why they has now conquered the Rock industry in the Philippines.

Congratulations to our winners! Remember, all this wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors- Red Horse Beer!

Dre Ito Ang Tama!

Diamond Eyes Tour Blogger Winners!

Monday, January 17th, 2011

It was a hard decision to make, it really was. Picking three out of the many great blog entries submitted to us was no walk in the park. Alas, we had to narrow down our choice to three, but we want to thank each and every one of you who joined!

And now, the winners! Congratulations to the following bloggers:

Marga Abejo for her entry entitled Deftones!


We liked the way she narrated Madonna’s involvement in the Deftones’ success. T’was a good read, Ms. Marga.

Donna De Jesus for her entry entitled Deftones “Diamond Eyes” Tour Concert in Manila

Deftones "Diamond Eyes" Tour Concert in Manila

All the information was concise even though it was a really light read. We liked it very much!

Benj Espina for his entry entitled Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour Manila – Songs to play

Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour Manila – Songs to play

Not only did he write about the concert, but he went a step further and picked out songs he wanted to hear. Now that’s a true blue fan!

Those three awesome bloggers just won 2 Silver tickets each to the Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour at the World Trade Center on Feb. 12, 2011 brought to you by and Dickies! Congratulations again, guys! Please wait for our email on how to claim your tickets!

For more opportunities like this, remember to always keep hanging out at!

Collectively Known as Deftones

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

I’m sure Deftones fans all over the world have memorized their songs, collected all their albums and have rocked out to their concert. But do you really know the people that make up this amazing rock act?

Chino Moreno

Chino Moreno, whose full name is Camillo Wong Moreno, was born on June 20, 1973 and is 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 spanish. He is the front man and contributing guitarist of Deftones and is famous for his soothing tenor voice which makes their songs distinct to the public. Chino has been known to compose songs centering on social issues (racism, prostitution, urban violence, and drugs) though it appears to be vague and cryptic. Moreno also experienced a throat injury in 2001 due to heavy screaming which caused the cancellation of a lot of their shows during that period. He also has a side project called Team Sleep which has released two albums to date.

Stephen Carpenter

Stephen Carpenter was born in August 3, 1970 in Sacramento, California. He is the co-founder and lead guitarist whose technique makes use of both ringing open strings and dissonant chord voicings, as well as stock power chords in polyrhythms. His biggest influences are the Fear Factory and Meshuggah. Carpenter went to high school with band mates Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham and started playing regularly in Carpenter’s garage in 1988. Their recording of Saturday Night Wrist was put on hold due to his disagreements with Moreno over the sound of the said album.

Abe Cunningham

Abe Cunningham was born July 27, 1973 and is the drummer of the Deftones known for his use of ghost notes and other technical drumming techniques. He started drumming in his early teens for his band Phallucy. His musical influences include Stewart Copeland, Ginger Baker and Mitch Mitchell. Cunningham has been featured in various ads for Tama and Zildjian and is the endorsee of Pro-Mark drumsticks.

Frank Delgado

Frank Delgado was born on November 29, 1970 in Los Angeles, California and plays the turntables, keyboards and sampler. He was formally part of the band before the release of White Pony. Delgado rarely uses traditional scratching and focuses more on using turntables as a sampler to integrate subtle sounds and textures into the music similar to electronic music from the 50′s. Good examples of Delgado’s inventive touch include “MX” from Around the Fur, and “Digital Bath” from White Pony.

Chi Cheng

Chi Cheng, born on July 15, 1970 in Stockton, California, is the bassist for the American rock band Deftones. Although he is currently replaced by friend Sergio Vega (Quicksand’s former bassist) while he is still in a semi-coma brought by a car accident in 2008. As of last year, he has shown signs of improvement by worded responses and hand movements.

Sergio Vega is the former bassist of the band Quicksand and is now a sessionist and touring member for Deftones, temporarily replacing Chi Cheng. Vega plays the bass using a pick. His first album with Deftones is Diamond Eyes in 2010.

So if you’re looking forward to seeing them perform live, make sure to head over to and see how you could get tickets. The Diamond Eyes Tour is being brought to you by and Dickies!

Deftones Poster Tagging Contest Week #3 Winner

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Congratulations to John Francis “Mao” Diaz! Yes, he does have 50 tagged people on his poster and some guy was talking about selling his kidneys for ticket money! Good thing for you, you won’t need to! You win one Silver ticket to the Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour courtesy of and Dickies!

Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour

Please wait for our email, Mao.

The last two winners have already claimed their tickets! We still have two more tickets to give away, so make sure to keep sending in those entries, and make sure that image is public, okay? Cool.

Deftones Poster Tagging Contest Week #2 Winner

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Congratulations to Johannes Lloyd Fabay! We checked out his page and yes, there are indeed 50 tagged people on his poster! You win one Silver ticket to the Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour courtesy of and Dickies!

Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour

Johannes, wait for our email, okay?

Also, to all the contestants, if your Facebook account is on private, please send us a screenshot instead. We checked a few people and we couldn’t see their tagged posters. They didn’t win because their Facebook accounts are on private. If you want the ticket, you should let us see the tagged poster. Good luck to everyone!

Deftones: A History

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Before we bask in the awesomeness that is the Deftones coming here to Manila (brought to us by and Dickies), let us first take a look back (a quick one at that since we cannot really go through all 23 legendary years) on how the Deftones got to where they are right now. They are currently on top of the world. Not bad for a band who started having jam sessions at Carpenter’s garage, back when they were still in high school.


The name “Deftones” was created by Carpenter who wanted to pick, “…something that would just stand out but you know, not be all cheese-ball at the same time.”

It was a combination of the hip hop slang term “def”, and the suffix “-tones”, which was a popular suffix among 50s bands. The band wanted a name that was as vague as possible so as to show the band’s tendency to not stick to just one style of music. In a span of 23 years, they have released six albums all in all, each one varying in style and execution, you’d think it was a different band. The first two albums which reached Platinum (Adrenaline, White Pony) and two Gold certifications (Around the Fur, Deftones), Saturday Night Wrist from 2006 and their most recent, Diamond Eyes in the spring of 2010. Their first charting singles were “My Own Summer (Shove It)” and “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away),” both from the White Pony album.

Come 2008, the Deftones faced a big ordeal in their career when bassist Cheng was involved in a traumatic car accident in Santa Clara, California, causing serious injuries and trauma. The band’s supposed sixth album “Eros” did not push through. As posted on their blog, “… as we neared completion on Eros, we realized that this record doesn’t best encompass and represent who we are currently as people and as musicians. And although those songs will see the light of day at some point, we collectively made the decision that we needed to take a new approach, and with Chi’s condition heavy on our minds while doing so. We needed to return to the studio to do what we felt was right artistically.”


For the release of their sixth album, “Diamond eyes,” Cheng was replaced by Former Quicksand bassist, Sergio Vega. This album has proven that no amount of tragedy can stop the Deftones from producing musical masterpieces for they are strong even in the face of trials.

From their early years back in 1988 to 1993, when all they did was play in random gigs across L.A., to their first album in 1994 (Adrenaline), until the said album reach platinum in 1998, the Deftones were still the same guys from California who just wanted to make music while retaining their honesty and integrity. No rockstar attitude for these guys, which is why we are not surprised that they are still, and will continue, to be the best at what they do.

Greyhoundz Splintr Unplugged Contest

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Hey Greyhoundz fans! Remember that contest we were running with the Greyhoundz? Well, we wanted to give even more people the chance to join it! To do that, we are making the rules so much simpler. Here’s what you could win:

Grand Prize:
One signed CD of the Splintr Unplugged Audio (total 12 tracks) of Greyhoundz
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
One Red Horse Beer Hoodie jacket

First Runner Up Prize:
Two tickets to the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Grand Finals on Jan 29, 2011
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Second Runner Up Prize:
One Greyhoundz T-shirt
One T-shirt
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Here’s how to join:

- Watch the Greyhoundz videos on the Greyhoundz page.
- Pick just one song from their set, and tell us how you understand that song. What is your interpretation of the song? You could even tell us why it speaks to you or why you really like it.
- Email your entry to along with your name and phone number. Use SPLINTR UNPLUGGED GREYHOUNDZ PROMO as your subject.
- Entries should be in by Jan. 15, 2010
- Make sure you’re a fan of the Splintr or the Greyhoundz fan page!
- We will pick three lucky winners, based on creativity!

RHB 'Dre Ito ang tama!

Send in those entries now! Rock en roll!!!

Diamond Eyes Tour Blogger Contest

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Though the season of giving is over for most people, and Dickies is still dead set on giving away even more tickets to the Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour!

Diamond Eyes

We’re going to give out 6 Silver tickets, 2 for each winner! Here’s how to join:

- Open to all bloggers (blogspot, wordpress, livejournal, own domain, or any other blogging platform) who live in Metro Manila and/or are capable of picking up tickets from Makati. If posting on FB, the post must be public and viewable by everyone.

- Blogger will write a post containing the following Diamond Eyes Tour Concert Details:
Date – Feb 12, 2011
Venue – World Trade Center
Time – 8PM
Ticket Prices – VIP 5000, Gold 3500, Silver 1500
Presenters – (link to and Dickies (

- Blogger will advertise post on Facebook or Twitter. If the blogger has no Facebook or Twitter account, maybe he should get one because it is 2011 and he’s way behind on the times.

- The blogger will send an email to containing the links to the blog post and the Facebook/Twitter post, page view stats, and his/her mobile phone number. Subject should read β€œDiamond Eyes Tour Blogger Contest.” If you use any other subject, we might not be able to find your entry.

- Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges from But please don’t hate us if you don’t get picked.

- Criteria:
Creativity – 30%
Clarity of information – 60%
Post stats/views – 10%
Your post has to be fun to read, as well as easy to understand. If you include the stats of your post and/or blog in the email you send, you stand a higher chance of winning.

- There will be 3 winners, and each one gets two Silver tickets. Bring a friend!

- Winner will be notified via email, SMS and an announcement on the Splintr blog. The number that will get in touch with you will not be a special number from any of the TelCos, but you’ll know it’s valid because of the other announcements.

- Entries should be in by January 16, 11:59PM. Any later, and we won’t even read it. Just kidding, we’ll read it, but it can’t be in the contest anymore.

- Announcement of winners will be on January 17, 2011, so keep your noses glued to the blog!

- Winners who cannot claim the tickets may have a valid representative claim them in his/her behalf, as long as they bring a signed authorization letter.

- Partners and employees of are not eligible to join this contest.

Good luck, bloggers!