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Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Haven’t heard of Deftones? That’s impossible.

EVERYBODY knows who the Deftones are. That’s how fucking amazing this band is. Ever since they were formed in 1988 in Sacramento, California, they haven’t stopped making and playing songs we fans like to call masterpieces.


The band consist of Chino Moreno on lead vocals and guitar, Stephen Carpenter on guitar, Chi Cheng on bass, Frank Delgado on keyboards and turntables, and Abe Cunningham on drums and percussion. To date, they have released SIX brilliant albums from Adrenaline (1994–1996), Around the Fur (1997–1999), White Pony (2000–2002), Deftones (2003–2005), Saturday Night Wrist (2006–2007), and the latest and most amazing yet, Diamond Eyes (2010–present).


The Deftones have always been loud and proud about their musical diversity. Some people describe them as alternative metal while some categorized them under experimental rock. Their diverse influences played a big part on their ever-changing sound (like Duran Duran, The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Sadu Adu and B-Real). They made it sure that they rarely sound the same to create diversity in their sound, for them and for their fans. Ang guess what? It totally works! After 22 years in the music scene, countless tours and six mind-blowing albums, the Deftones are here to stay.

And guess what, is bringing them here to the Philippines! They will be here LIVE in Manila at the World Trade Center on Febuary 12, 2010! Are you going? ARE YOU GOING!? You better.

The JD Set is Here!

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Do you have a band? Is it, by any chance, an awesome band? Are you waiting for that one chance at making it big? Now don’t go wasting any more time in thinking of how you’re gonna do that. Jack Daniel’s has the answer to your band-related dreams.

Be part of the 7 bands going on tour for 7 months for the Jack Daniel’s Set Phillipines! The JD Set Philippines is open to all UNSIGNED bands residing in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite and Laguna, Philippines. The competition is open to bands with more than five band members (all 18 years old and above) and at least ONE year of experience in the local music scene. At least three original compositions wouldn’t hurt either.

Jack Daniel’s will choose 7 bands to go on tour for 7 months, providing the bands with their much needed exposure! Truly that one shot every band needs to rocket their status from no one to someone. Hurry and send your entries before December 15, 2010! You don’t wanna miss out on this one. It’s these kind of opportunities that you will regret not joining for the rest of your life.


Are you ready for a line of screaming girls at your feet? If you are, then move your ass and join the Jack Daniel’s Set Philippines!

For more information on the JD Set Philippines’ mechanics and requirements, visit the JD Set Philippines Facebook page.

Ready For The 2010 Red Horse MUZIKLABAN?!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Only 79 days until the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Band Competition Grand Finals! Of course, before the Grand Finals is the Semi-Finals. Watch the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Semi-finals on November 13, 2010 at Tarlac City Plazuela, Tarlac. With performances from Greyhoundz & Ibarra.


Red Horse Beer Muziklaban is famous for discovering the greatest musical acts in the local scene. It is the most awaited band competition in the whole country. Red Horse Beer Muziklaban discovered the likes of Fuseboxx (2003 winner), Mayonnaise (2004 winner) and Sunflower Day Camp (2005 winner). They have been providing grounds for the ultimate music showdown, showcasing the best from the local music scene and giving them the opportunity of a lifetime since it started in 1999. Red Horse Beer Muziklaban winners are given 1 million pesos, and a recording contract from Viva Philippines. Not bad for a competition sponsored by the ass kickingest beer in the country.



Aside from the usual band competition (or the Rock Challenge), Red Horse Beer Muziklaban also features other competitions such as a Tattoo Challenge (spearheaded by renowned Tattoo artist Ricky Sta. Ana), a Film Challenge (spearheaded by Film buff RA Rivera) and an Extreme Sports Challenge (spearheaded by BMX rider Armand Mariano). Everything that an adrenaline junkie needs is here at the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban 2010.

So what are you waiting for? Check the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban gig guide to catch a gig near you. Don’t forget the Grand Finals happening on January 2011. It’s going to be an event of epic proportions, as always!

Goodbye, NU 107.

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

The local music scene is currently mourning the end of the longest-running rock radio station in the Philippines, NU 107, The Home of NU Rock.


Since it was founded in 1987, NU Rock stayed true to its name, providing its listeners with Rock Music, in the broadest meaning of the word. NU played music from the most famous bands to the newbies in the business, providing them the chance to be heard.

Just like us, they have also paved the way for different indie bands playing different kinds of rock music to be known and be heard by everyone, catering to a variety of people’s taste in music. This frequency did not care about social class or age as they played music for everyone to enjoy. NU united everyone using the only tool they know best- music.

The year 2010 ended the 23 year streak of NU’s existence. The last Rock Awards which was one of the most awaited events in the music industry, held its last awarding last October 30, 2010. The event was filled with joy and tears as the people celebrated for the very last time.

NU Rock Awards

With everything that NU has done for the local music scene, it is time for all of us to step up and keep on supporting the local scene even more. As NU bids goodbye, let’s give back to all the people behind the super awesome radio station by supporting the local music scene in each and every way imaginable. These small gestures will keep the music industry alive for all of us to enjoy.

And like everyone else, we are saying goodbye to NU with hopes of the station’s revival someday. So thank you, NU Rock! We will never forget the awesomeness that is your radio station.

To end, we’d like to quote senior jock and renowned guitarist Francis Reyes when I say, “NU 107 will never fucking die!”


Friday, November 5th, 2010


1. There are a total of 12 unplugged Greyhoundz videos. The release will be in order of performance and release dates will be as follows:

November 5, 2010 nos. 1-3 videos
November 12, 2010 nos. 4-6 videos
November 19, 2010 nos. 7-9 videos
November 26, 2010 nos. 10-12 videos

All videos will be up until January 5, 2011 on Room.

2. To join, give a maximum 3-liner explanation of the meaning of each of the 12 songs that are released on a weekly basis.

3. Three winners will be chosen at the end of the fourth week once all the videos are released. Winners will be chosen by Splintr and the band Greyhoundz on the basis of closest possible explanation to actual meaning of the song. The three winners answers will be published on Facebook. The three winners names will be announced on Facebook on December 7, 2010 and they will also be contacted directly via email and text.

4. Contestants may submit their entries at ONE TIME ONLY with the explanation for all 12 songs in one document/email. Those who submit their entries on a weekly basis and without the correct subject heading will be disqualified. Entries may be submitted to with the subject: SPLINTR UNPLUGGED GREYHOUNDZ PROMO.

5. Each entry must include:

a. your 3-liner explanation for all 12 songs
b. your full name and cellphone number
c. a picture of you with an original copy of any Greyhoundz CD/Album
d. leave a message on our wall on Splintr FB and then send us a screenshot of that

*Any invalid cellphone numbers and email addresses will be considered disqualified.
*Any 2 (or more) entries with the same email address and/or cellphone number but with different contestant names will be considered disqualified.

6. Winners prizes are:

IMPORTANT: All winners must present 6 Red Horse Beer crowns (any size bottle) to claim their prize.

Grand Prize:
One signed CD of the Splintr Unplugged Audio (total 12 tracks) of Greyhoundz
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
One Red Horse Beer Hoodie jacket

First Runner Up Prize:
Two tickets to the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Grand Finals on Jan 29, 2011
A Limited Edition Red Horse Beer Rocket Bucket
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

Second Runner Up Prize:
One Greyhoundz T-shirt
One T-shirt
A Muziklaban Cap and T-shirt

7. People who have at any time been related or are currently related, whether in the capacity of an employee (full-time, part-time or freelance) or family relative, to, the band Greyhoundz and Red Horse Beer/San Miguel Brewery Inc., are NOT qualified to join this promo. In case of any question, all entries and winners will be finally decided at the full discretion of only.

Brought to you by, the independent music channel.
With special thanks to RED HORSE BEER!

RHB Dre' Ito Ang Tama!

Placebo and their Battle for the Sun

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Deemed as one of the world’s biggest alternative band, Placebo recently teamed up with Atticus Clothing for their newest track, Trigger Happy Hands. This will be available for digital download, and a Placebo shirt designed by the band and Paul Jackson from Atticus will also be available to Placebo fans.


Placebo was founded in 1994 by singer/guitarist Brian Molko and bassist Stefan Olsdal. They have been identified as a glam version of Nirvana. The band’s influence comprises of music legends such as David Bowie, Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Depeche Mode, and Nirvana.


Their latest album “Battle of the Sun”, which will be reissued this year, was recorded with their newest drummer, Steve Forrest. Battle of the Sun already went number one in 10 countries since its release. The new “Battle of the Sun” will include new tracks such as “Trigger Happy Hands” and “Bright lights”, as well as remastered versions of the album’s original tracks. The album, along with the PLACEBO T-shirt, will be packaged together in a Placebo-designed slip case. Truly a treat for hardcore Placebo fans everywhere!

And now, they’re the latest addition to’s ever growing list of artists. Watch Ashtray Heart, Never Ending Why and Trigger Happy Hands on now!

EVALINE, Not Just Another California-Based Band

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

If you fancy the likes of Deftones, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Used, Dir en Grey, and Apocalyptica, then this is the band for you. A six piece alternative rock band hailing from California, EVALINE (formerly known as Holiday) has already created a fanbase with rock songs layered with their own style. Making music since 2001 in their homeland Turlock, California, the band has already proven their dedication and their love for music. Their hit song “Beneath the Fire” is a part of their 14-track album they recorded with Dan Austin of Doves and Cherry Ghost. The band is comprised of six guys: Richard Perry (vocals/cello/keys), Christian Lewis (guitar), Dominic Di Canio (guitar), Steven Pedersen (bass/synths), GreG Petersen (drums/percussion) and Daniel Petersen (baritone guitar/keys).


Aside from being ultra-talented, it also didn’t hurt that the band is composed of six better than average looking dudes.


They also have an EP available on iTunes, although still, currently without a label. This has not stopped them from playing in various gigs from LA to New York. What started as an opening act for the Deftones, Evaline is not making its own name in the music industry. Definitely another band to watch out for and now, they’ve found a new home on!

Check out two of their videos on Click here to see Beneath The Fire and On the Road 4.

We Will Give You Head

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Time to give you guys some Head. Yeah, you read that right. Yo Mama’s House and Idiot Box Productions are going to give you Head on November 6, 2010 at 9:30PM at B-Side, Malugay, Makati.

No, we’re not handing out cheap blowjobs, although the joke was too obvious to resist writing. Head is having an EP launch party and you’re invited! Lochness, Feen, Degage, Enemies of Saturn, Turbo Goth, Loonie and Xombie on Fire are all invited, too.


HEAD was formed on April of 2008 by Rex Valencia on Guitars/Vocals (From BLISS & MURKY), Leo Valencia on Bass and Mike Sandifer (From BLISS & MURKY). Later, their bass and drum player was replaced by Tuts Calinawan (From QUESO,SINAG, and COSMIC LOVE) and Ken Navarroza (From LIQUIDJANE). After playing the underground circuit for most of the year and gaining a grassroots fan base they decided it was time to step things up and make themselves known on a bigger scale.They landed a gig on the MYX channel playing on “Bandarito” which got them a bigger fanbase but that was not enough for this group of dedicated musicians so they decided to make a video independently using their own money .Early in 2009 they recorded the video “Filipina” which instantly became a hit on MTV and on MYX because of it’s originality and its haunting melodies. we formed this band to satisfy our desire to bring back that RAW, IN YOUR FACE, NO WHINY, KICK ASS EARLY 90′S TYPE MUSIC!!! that seems to be missing nowadays. We aren’t happy, we aren’t sad, we’re just plain insane.

Head in a nutshell:

HEAD is composed of 3 young,hunrgy,talented musicians (REX, TUTS, and KEN), who are ready to take over a music scene that is in dire need of change. We have THE TALENT,THE LOOKS, THE SONGS and THE DESIRE 2 get this accomplished!!! We’re a straight up, no bullshit rock band, never afraid to express our minds through our music at any given time. We consider ourselves soldiers of knowledge, music the ammunition, our band the weapon…LISTEN,LEARN and GROOVE 2 HEAD

Their FB profile
You can download or listen to their music here
Follow HEAD on Twitter
MySpace page

When Music is not Enough

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

It’s that time of the year again when people of all ages wear the most absurd and/or slutty costumes, fulfilling childhood fantasies along the way. We are of course talking about Halloween folks. The local music scene is not one to be left behind as bands playing gigs on Halloween night dress up for the occasion, as well. Familiar faces playing familiar music wearing not so familiar attire make the gigs even more spectacular than they already are.

Although, not all bands wait for that one night a year just to play dress-up. There are some who choose to be unique in every aspect of the word. These bands have gained instant popularity with their well-thought costumes/attires, imprinting their band and music on people’s minds.

First off is the band Chicosci. With the release of their 2006 album, ChicoSci, along came the transformation from being a Metalcore band into something the people has filed under the label of Emotional/Emo (as if that’s a music genre to begin with).


The band comprising of Miguel “Miggy” Chavez (Lead vocals), Miguel “Mong” Alcaraz (Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards), Carlos “Calde” Calderon (Bass, Vocals), Ariel Lumanlan (Guitars) and Macoy Estacio (Drums), won the award Favorite Rock Video at the 2008 Myx Music Awards for their song, ChicoSci Vampire Social Club from the album ChicoSci. The band’s transition from Metalcore to Emo also emanated from their physical appearance. The band’s frontman, Miggy Chavez, took the emo title a bit too seriously, as he refused to wear anything other than black paired with eyeliner and black earrings. A lot of emo bands has already copied their look, making them one of the pioneers of the emo look some dislike. When their 5th album, Fly Black Hearts, was released back in 2009, came with the transition from looking like an emo band to something straight out of a hiphop album.


Truly, Chicosci never fails to surprise us with their look as they keep on reinventing themselves, along with their music, for the public eye.

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus is another band you’d want to watch if you dig the more theatrical things in life. Mr. Bones on Vocals, Juni Devecais on Guitar, Alvin Chan on Guitars, JM Godinez on Bass, Shaun Hilario on Drums and Karl Vito Cruz on Keyboards, Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus is definitely not for the weak hearted. With a music genre described as Rock / Horror / Theatrical Macabre, this band has made itself quite known in the underground community as the band you’d want to hear when you’re feeling rebellious. And to match their eclectic music genre, the band is a walking Halloween party.

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus

Another band making headlines for their out of this world costumes is the band Kikomachine. Kikomachine, hailing from UP Diliman, is described as a pop/rock/comedy band boasting their most famous band member, Spider Dan. Comprised of JP Cuison, Bheng Densing, Spider-Dan, Manix Abrera, Billy Reyes and Jeff Azarcon, Kikomachine is the band you’d want to watch live. Not only have they succeeded their college fame, they also have been making noise in the local music industry with the release of their very catchy songs like Pulp magazine and Val Sotto. You will not regret watching them live as you will see Spider Dan playing bass and the rest of the band clad in what seems to be red racetrack suits. Pair these costumes with their insurmountable energy and what you’ll get is a band made for your listening and visual pleasure.

Kiko Machine

There you have it! We’re sure you can think of plenty more. Leave a comment! Or better yet, follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook!!