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Congratulations, Wez!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Congratulations to Wez! You won an autographed Nine Inch Nails poster for his fanboy post!


We’ll get in touch with you!

Nine Inch Nails Questions Answered!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

A few weeks back, launched a contest to see who knew their Nine Inch Nails stuff. The winner would get a signed NIN CD! We’re proud announce that Derek Sta. Ana knew everything and won the prize!

There were some people clamoring for the answers and we would be more than happy to oblige.

Question 1:
Which NIN album was offered absolutely free and downloadable online?

The Slip

Question 2:
Name all the NIN albums and two songs from each album.


1. Pretty Hate Machine – “Head Like A Hole” & “Sin”
2. The Downward Spiral – “Mr. Self Destruct” & “Piggy”
3. The Fragile – “The Day the World Went Away” & “Starfuckers, Inc.”
4. With Teeth – “The Hand That Feeds” & “Every Day Is Exactly the Same”
5. Year Zero – “The Beginning of the End” & “The Warning”
6. Ghosts I-IV – “1 Ghosts I” & “33 Ghosts IV”
7. The Slip – “Head Down” & “Discipline”

Question 3:
Name the movies that Trent Reznor produced the soundtrack to?

1. Natural Born Killers
2. Lost Highway
3. Man on Fire
4. Tetsuo: The Bullet Man
5. To Forget You or the Lost Art of Loving You Madly
6. Every Song Must End
7. Wanted
8. The Hitcher
9. Doom
10. Constantine
11. Rory O’Shea Was Here
12. Resident Evil
13. Evil on Queen Street
14. New Port South
15. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
16. Final Destination
17. Edge
18. The Fan
19. The Doom Generation
20. Se7en
21. The Young Americans
22. Broken
23. Class of 1999
24. The Crow

Question 4:
Name the most current NIN band members line-up.

Robin Finck, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Trent Reznor, Ilan Rubin

Question 5:
Where & when was the venue and date of NIN Live in Manila?

Where: Araneta Coliseum
When: August 5, 2009

Question 6:
What was your favorite song performed during NIN Live in Manila? And why?

This is subjective, so it can be anything they played that night.

Question 7:
What was the last song performed during NIN Live in Manila?


Question 8:
What two instruments did Trent Reznor throw during NIN Live in Manila?

Guitar and Tambourine

There you have it. Thanks for playing!

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Who’s The Ultimate Nine Inch Nails Fan Boy?

Monday, September 27th, 2010

A few weeks ago, we started a simple contest to see who the biggest Nine Inch Nails fan boy/girl was to determine who deserves a NIN poster signed by Trent Reznor himself.


We’d like to know who you think should win this prized little piece of memorabilia. Here are the entries.

Who do you think should win? Leave a comment here or post it on your Twitter or Facebook. Just make sure to tag us – Twitter and Facebook.

Gig Guide for the Weekend of Sept. 24, 2010!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

We’re back once again, sharing with you the must-see gigs in Manila and beyond for this weekend. It’s a little rainy, but that won’t stop awesome music. Nothing ever does.

The hottest thing happening over the weekend is the 4th leg of the Pupil City Limits Bar Tour, over at Handlebar tonight, Sept. 24, 2010. Handlebar is at Polaris St. Makati City; they’ve got a gritty biker theme going on and it works for them. If you want to experience a rugged, hardcore night, that’s your stop.


Pupil will be performing with Enemies of Saturn and it is going to be epic. And guess how much the gate is? That’s right, it’s absolutely free! Walk in and enjoy.

At SaGuijo tonight, Sept. 24, 2010, you’ve got Sonic Boom featuring the Butchercons TeeDee launch with Gasolina, Severo, Supscapular, and bunch more.

Tomorrow at Saguijo is a Soki-Mu night! And they’ve got a ton of great bands – Blue Boy Bites Back, Chicosci, Doki, Giniling Festival, Stone Free and Sugar Hiccup!

To get in, it’s the regular gate fee – P150 and you get a free beer.

Slapshock will be bringing down the roof down on Cuneta Astrodome tonight.

At Al’s Bar, Paranaque, Brainfart productions brings you Schoolday Solstice. And that’s happening tomorrow, Sept. 25, 2010. They’ll have performances by Rocket Ship Lullaby, On Green We Go, Kapnobatai, Jester’s Bidding, Jejaview, Hometown Heroes, Nameless Heroes and Start It Up.

There will be tons more awesome gigs happening tonight, so pick wisely! To get more news and updates, follow on Twitter and Facebook!

New Videos up on Splintr!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The family of the hottest artists in the country keeps growing and growing as more and more ear-blowing music gets produced.

First off, we’ve got two new videos from Swissy: Your Life’s in Rewind and How It All Started. Click on the pictures to see the videos!

Christina del Mundo, who goes by her childhood nickname, Swissy, grew up in a household that welcomed a diverse set of musical tastes, allowing her to appreciate different sounds and genres of music, from 60s rock to R&B to Dance and Theatre.



We also have this really cool new video from Nyco Maca + Playground. Check out Turn My Head.

Nyko Maca + Playground is known in the Filipino music underground scene for their fusion of Filipino pop and Brazilian rhythms. In the band’s own words, “…it has always been natural for Nykó and PLAYgROUND to think holistically, play intuitively, and sound cyclical.” The band is composed of Madz Abubakar, Rick Sanchez and Alvin Cornista.


Lastly, we have another video from the most kick-ass Archipelago. We added Black Box to their already impressive library of great music.

We wanted a name that would speak of who we are, where we’re from, what we’re about and why you should listen. Each of us, simultaneously common and diverse, have our own stories—like islands have their own histories—which form our music. As we are part of the great story of the world, our music belongs to the world; one that is at a distance, an Archipelago


Click on the images to go straight to the videos, kids. And then follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest on news!

Download Enemies of Saturn’s Senses

Monday, September 20th, 2010

What’s up, people? has some new stuff for your ears to indulge in. Check it out.

If you remember, Enemies of Saturn recently launched their digital album last September 4, 2010. Their album is now available over at iTunes, Napster, eMusic and Zune!

Enemies of Saturn

eos-download-mp3 This is actually quite a good move with the evolving landscape of music. If you’ve noticed, a lot of the record bars in the malls have been either downsizing, closing down or diversifying, shifting their focus from CDs and DVDs, making them prized collectibles. The industry is indeed changing and artists need to keep up with it if they want to stay afloat.

Radiohead may have sparked the industry-wide metamorphosis when they offered their 7th album, In Rainbows, as a download only title, available only through their website at an asking price of “it’s up to you.” That’s right. In Rainbows was worth what you deemed it to be. This was not only a great publicity and an awesome way of fighting music piracy, it was also incredibly effective as market research. They got a total of 1.2 million downloads before releasing the album through CDs.

Today, an emerging popular method of getting music legally is through digital download. The digital music industry has about 5 billion songs available for download, with millions getting downloaded at any given time.

Musicians and artists have to evolve or fade away in obscurity. Technology does indeed shape music in many interesting ways and it happens all the time. From the phonograph, to vinyl, to magnetic tape, to CDs, music takes many forms and mediums. embodies the digital age in the music industry. At our new releases page, you can go ahead and download Senses and check out how much Enemies of Saturn does indeed kick ass.

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Gig Guide for the Sept. 17, 2010 Weekend

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Hey Audiophiles! Here’s what’s in store for you over the weekend. Let’s kick this off right with the biggest bar tour happening over the month.

Tonight, Sept. 17, 2010, at Club Dredd, Eastwood City, the Pupil City Limits Bar Tour is dropping by for its second leg. Come and watch Pupil and Paranoid City bring the house down. P150 gets you through the gate and a Red Horse beer.

Pupil Bar Tour

That whole tour is brought to you by Red Horse Beer, Levi’s, Puma, Ray-Ban and JB Music, with special thanks to NU 107, and Jam 88.3.

Over at SaGuijo, Kerplunk! presents “Happy birthday, Pat Jualbuena,” featuring Blue Jean Junkies, Franco, Greyhoundz, Intolerant, Kjwan, and Wilabaliw. P150 gets you in and a drink.

The next day, Sept. 18, 2010 at SaGuijo is Terno Inferno with Charms, Encounters with a Yeti, Hidden Nikki, Musical O, Not Another Boy Band, Popular Days, Sleepwalk Circus, Up Dharma Down and a bunch more.

At Handlebar, Makati, tonight, Sept. 17, 2010, we’ve got DRT and Tempestous Jones. They start at 10PM.

Tonight, Sept. 17, 2010, at Al’s Bar, Parañaque, Crazy Insane Productions gives you Rock To Death. The gig’ll feature Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Dolzura, The Naked Lights, Flying Ipis, Siadina, Wilderness, Banat Boys and Violente de Santo. P150 gets you in and a beer.

Rock to Death

On Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010, at Al’s Bar, they’ve got the Neverdie: Reach The Sky EP launch. They’ve got performances by Summon the Kraken, Dolzura, From Another Planet, Mayonnaise, Import the World and Neverdie.

That should keep you plenty occupied over the weekend. Like always, you guys should check out for videos of the best bands in the country. For updates on gigs and events, follow us on Twitter and our Facebook account.

Nine Inch Nails Posters

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Remember, Nine Inch Nails fans, NIN is still our Artist of the Month. We still have the videos, exclusively on!

Here’s what’s in store for you.


First up, you’ve got the documentary of their concert from arrival to the actual show. It includes a very in-depth interview with the man, Trent Reznor himself. It’s an interesting piece of video.

Of course, we’ve got videos of their greatest songs.



I’m Afraid of Americans

I'm Afraid of Americans

March of the Pigs

March of the Pigs





Click any of the pictures to go straight into and watch the Nine Inch Nails concert here in Manila. Remember that they’re up for a limited time only so make sure to watch the videos while you can.

Pupil City Limits Bar Tour

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The first leg kicks off TONIGHT at B-Side, Makati. Joining Pupil will be Purple Chickens.

C’mon join us and rock out! It’s a holiday tomorrow and there seriously isn’t any better way to celebrate than to chill out at B-Side tonight.

Thanks to our sponsors Red Horse, Levi’s, JB Music, Ray-Ban and Puma!

We’ll keep you guys updated as best we can. Check out our Twitter and Facebook accounts out and stay in the loop.

Enemies of Saturn Digital Album Launch

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Check it out. We’ve got a very special gig guide for you guys today.

Goo Goo G’joob Productions, Pop-No-Comply Records, Kerplunk Studios and Cushe Footwear proudly present Enemies of Saturn Digital Album Launch! September 4, 2010 at Route 196!


There will be performances by Carlos Castrano, Ephesus, Pitik, Gaijin, Archipelago, Malay, and of course Enemies of Saturn.

P150 gets you in, and that includes a free drink. TEEDESS, a shirt and a 3-song sampler, will be sold at the event for only P400. If you’re one of the first 50 people there, you’ll get a free EOS sticker!

Local artists are starting to pick up on the worldwide trend of having their albums available digitally and EOS, the much anticipated digital album is going to be available on iTunes, Napster, eMusic and Zune! It’ll feature 10 tracks, which includes Bigayan, Mushroom Stamp and Unlearn.