If you’re a fan of indie music or +/- (plus/minus) specifically, and love watching them live, which is really the best way to listen to them, but you’re at home and you just need a fix, then we have something perfect for you.

We have 15 live performance videos and 2 music videos from +/-. Here, check them out. Click on images!

Far Into the Fields
Far Into the Fields

This song is as melodic as it is eerily calming even though they pulled off some really high notes. Their performance, save for some bad feedback, was pretty good. Far Into the Fields shows off +/-‘s ambient sensitive side.

She’s Got Your Eyes
She's Got Your Eyes

They kick things up a notch with She’s Got Your Eyes. They speed up the tempo a bit but keep the same reserved melody. The result is just mind-blowing. If you listen closely to the lyrics, they’re actually quite disturbing, which makes this song easily one of our favorites.

I’ve Been Lost
I've Been Lost

Awesome vid, awesome song – bursts of chunky grunge-inspired rock peppered among strings of their trademark smooth sound make this song extremely enjoyable.

You’ve Just Got it All
You've Just Got It All

A catchy riff and off kilter lyrics can’t ever be a bad thing.

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