Typecast is going be part of the Quark Henares directed Rockoustic Series. They’re one of the most influential bands in the Philippine music scene. We’ve all heard their songs and we’ve all seen their videos, but what do we really know about them?



These guys started out in their hometown of Santa Rosa, Laguna in the late 90’s. They were one of the many bands that popped up across the country, but they were one of the very few who actually made it big. Like most garage bands, they started out doing covers. The band came out with an early indie release in 2001 named Last Time.

They eventually started writing their own music, and in 2004, they came out with The Infatuation is Always There, their first album under a major label.

They became one of the more recognizable bands in 2007 with their single Will You Ever Learn from their second album, Every Moss and Cobweb. It won Best Song of the Year at NU107’s Rock Awards, which is kind of a big deal.

To date, they’ve released 3 albums and they have 1 forthcoming album, How Your Influence Betrays You.


Typecast’s music can be described in a number of ways but Post-Hardcore punk describes them quite accurately. They’ve also been coined as an emo band, mainly because of their melodic yet strikingly grungy sound, which feels a lot like controlled chaos, and their often lovelorn lyrics.

They’ve fronted for bands with similar styles. Some of these bands include Thursday, Shadows Fall, and Saosin.

Here are some of their music videos and songs.

Catch them in the Rockoustic Series, along with Sinosikat on June 19, 2010.

Rockoustic Series

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